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January 14 2014

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January 12 2014

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when you have to get up early for something you don’t want to do

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me avoiding my responsibilities

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January 10 2014

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January 09 2014

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January 08 2014


homework i was planning on doing over the break:

  • 100%

homework i ended up doing over the break: 

  • - 4%
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January 07 2014

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January 05 2014

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ktoś ich ogląda?

January 04 2014


I live in constant fear of being shit on by a bird

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January 03 2014


Finn’s glances and stares.

Either he’s super happy or not at all when he sees her. There’s no middle ground…

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Finn + smoking (1x05).
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January 02 2014

January 01 2014




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